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5 Ways to Find a Trusted Loan Provider

5 Ways to Find a Trusted Loan Provider

We don’t always know when a financial need is going to pop up. Emergencies happen, and when a car breaks down or an appliance stops working, folks don’t always have cash on hand to cover the unexpected expense. 

Good news can take us by surprise as well: Suddenly a baby is on the way or a student gets admitted to the school of their choice.  

Whether it’s unexpected expenses, fresh opportunities, or you’re hoping to eliminate high-interest credit card debt by transitioning to a fixed-rate personal loan, you need a trusted loan provider. 

How do you choose an ideal trusted loan provider?

Fixed rates and terms. Personal loans can be used to eliminate snowballing credit card debt and help get your finances on track. So look for a company offering a fixed interest rate and a payment plan that works for your budget. 

1st Franklin Financial often hears from customers that our competitive rates and flexible repayment terms helped them decide to borrow from us. Especially with larger loans, a competitive rate makes a difference.  

Help understanding all the details. Especially when life is stressful, it’s important to have clarity. You want your lender to spell out the terms and specifics of your loan. If you have questions, you want your lender to answer them and help you find the loan you need. 

It’s also great to work with a lender that works to expand your financial literacy. We offer articles on subjects like budgeting, repairing bad credit and debt consolidation for our customers so that they can be fully informed and make the best financial decisions for their personal needs.

Affordable monthly payments. You need a solution, not a new challenge. So make sure your lender will work with you to create a payment plan you can afford – with no surprises. 

Fast, efficient approval. When an emergency arises, you don’t want to be held up by a slow process. This is another thing our customers tell us really matters to them. Many of our customers are approved and receive their money the very same day. 

We love getting messages like this one, from a customer named Ruby Henderson, who posted on

“Application was easy. Representative called me back in a few minutes to review and I was approved within an hour and had my money the same day.” 

Real people you can get to know. No one wants to feel like they’re dealing with a big, impersonal company and can’t get a human being on the phone. You deserve to see a familiar, friendly face, especially when things are stressful. That’s why it means a lot to us when customers tell us we’ve been there for them. 

Kristen Wiliams wrote this about our branch in Russellville, Alabama, in her TrustPilot review:

“Great customer service and also cares deeply about their customers. Mr. Justin, Mrs. Lisa, & Ms. Sharon are all great. They are extremely good at what they do. They are not just a loan office or loan officers. They’re like family.”

You deserve to be treated like family, whether you’re borrowing, investing or traversing through an unexpected life moment – we don’t think you should settle for anything less.

Interested in talking to a trusted loan provider? Find a branch near you.