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Auto Repair Loans for Those with Bad Credit

Auto Repair Loans for Those with Bad Credit

According to the folks at Cox Automotive, who publish the famous Kelley Blue Book, car owners spend an average of $548.32 on auto repairs. For owners of SUVs and trucks, the numbers are often even higher. These expenses can come out of nowhere, making it hard to know where to turn to get financing for auto issues – especially if you don’t have a great credit history.

It can be easy to assume that your only option is to pay for the repairs with a high-interest credit card. 

Here’s the good news: A bad credit history doesn’t have to be a roadblock to getting a fixed-rate personal loan. The key is finding a lender who is:

  • Willing to work with you, even if your credit history isn’t great.
  • Quick to process your application, so you have your money when you need it.
  • Happy to explain every detail of the loan process, so that you have all the information you need.

That’s how it works at 1st Franklin Financial. We know what it’s like to need financing for auto repairs, so we work with people to figure out the best auto repair loan for them. We give them an answer quickly and explain exactly how their personal loan will work.  

That way, bad credit history doesn’t get in the way of paying for car repairs. And our customers can rest easy with a predictable, fixed monthly payment at an interest rate that can work for their budget. It means a lot to the “Friendly Franklin Folks” when we hear how much customers appreciate how we do things. 

“I love the fact that 1st Franklin gave me the opportunity to get a loan where other places didn’t,” a customer named Roy Gresham posted on Trustpilot.

We’re with you, Roy. Bad credit shouldn’t be a roadblock to getting a personal loan that serves a person’s needs – especially when a challenge like unexpected car repair bills gets in the way of staying on budget. And folks shouldn’t be kept waiting for an answer when they need quick financing for auto issues or any other curveballs that life throws.  

Especially during the summer, when many families are planning road trips or just looking to go for a drive on weekends, no one wants to be kept waiting for car repairs. 

Applying for An Auto Repair Loan is Easy

Applying for a personal loan from 1st Franklin is an easy process. You can even begin your application online. When you’re ready, drop by one of our neighborhood locations where one of our team members can help you complete your application. 

Another 1st Franklin customer, Phyllis Tipton, let us know how much she appreciated the smooth and simple application process: “Very easy to apply and only took a few minutes to get approved and be on my way,” she wrote on Trustpilot. Her experience, she said, “let’s me know they are there to help.” 

Whether you need financing for an auto repair loan or help with other budgeting needs, the 1st Franklin Financial family is here for you every step of the way.