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Smart Money Moves This Month

Smart Money Moves This Month

The Beatles said it best: “Money can’t buy me love.” And yet many of the ways we show love for others – and show love to ourselves – cost at least a few dollars. 

Each year in February, millions of people go shopping for heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. We hear jewelry store ads on the radio and maybe we splurge. Or we find a great restaurant to take our sweetheart to dinner on Valentine’s Day. 

And our spending on love doesn’t just happen in February: 

  • Stats released by show that people in a dating relationship spend an average of $139 a month on dates with their significant other. And single people spend even more on dating: They average $146 a month.
  • We also spend on ourselves: a 2018 report by MarketWatch noted that Americans spend about $199 a month on non-essential items to “treat themselves,” according to a survey by Eventbrite and OnePoll.
  • Even our “fur babies” get plenty of love, and it can be costly. A study released last spring estimated that many Americans spend more than $100 a month on their beloved pets. 

When we think of February, our thoughts often land on Valentine’s Day. About one-third of people surveyed by Wallethub last year said they expected their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift.

But here’s where the data gets interesting: An even larger group – 47% of those surveyed – told Wallethub they wanted their significant other to be smart with money. These people said they could actually imagine breaking up with their significant other if he or she spent money irresponsibly. 

So while it can be wonderful to buy beautiful gifts for those you love or to treat yourself to something you really want, the key is to do it with a smart money moves in mind.

The “Friendly Franklin Folks” at our local branches often help their neighbors plan for upcoming expenses – everything from wedding gifts and engagement rings to dream vacations. There are so many ways we can help make these wonderful things happen. 

For some people, personal loan support is the answer. 

A small personal loan is very different from putting a purchase on a high-interest credit card. When you borrow a specific amount at a fixed rate, you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying each month. And you’ll know the exact date when you’ll be done with payments. No surprises, no compounding interest. 

Ready to make the Smart Money Moves?

If you’re curious, it’s easy to begin your personal loan application online. Then, to confirm your plans, you can have a face-to-face conversation with your local 1st Franklin Financial associate. They’re glad to discuss all the details, make sure you’ve found the loan that suits your budget, and help you finish your application and get funds fast. 

For others, a savings plan is the perfect way to prepare for upcoming expenses. The folks at 1st Franklin’s Investment Center can help you grow as little as $25 into a savings nest egg that can pay for a romantic trip or a gift you’ve always wanted to give yourself. Each day, your money grows. 

And if some wonderful occasion suddenly pops up, with products like our Senior Demand Notes your money is available at a moment’s notice without any penalties. 

There are so many ways to balance careful money management with joyful gift-giving. During this month, we hope you have a wonderful time celebrating all the different kinds of love in your life. And we’re here if you need any help preparing for the wonderful occasions to come!

 If you are ready to make smart money moves, contact us today.