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How to Get Help With Bad Credit

How to Get Help With Bad Credit

The hardest thing for someone looking for help with bad credit is that the usual step to improve their situation – taking out a small personal loan at a reasonable fixed rate to pay off high-interest credit card debt – is often unavailable. Many banks just say “no” when someone with poor credit applies for a loan. 

Our thinking at 1st Franklin Financial is a bit different: we have helped so many people with less than stellar credit to get their finances back on track. 

How We Can Help With Bad Credit

It’s always a great feeling to hear that we’ve made a difference by taking a chance on someone. 

Earlier this year, a customer named Todd Hensely described his experience with 1st Franklin this way: “Good people that gave me a chance to get my credit started! I’ve always paid cash for everything until I decided to build a house and needed help!” 

Another customer named Michelle Carter wrote this: “I would recommend 1st Franklin to everyone I know. They helped me rebuild my credit and I have renewed my loans with them twice. They even gave me a better rate than my bank gave me. The girls in the office are super helpful and very knowledgeable about loans.” 

We loved hearing this from a customer named Sandra Hinds: “Great customer service!! …  I got the loan I needed to pay off two high-interest credit cards with money left for my  Florida vacation.” 

We love picturing Sandra on that Florida vacation, knowing she’s on her way to improving her credit with help from 1st Franklin. And we love knowing we can make life easier for people who are juggling a whole lot. 

“The ladies that walked me through the process explained that I could get my current loans at the time paid off, have money for my car repair, and still be paying less per month,” wrote customer Heather Rau. “The interest rate is way less than many other loan services I have attempted to use in the past as well. They were even able to set my payments up on a schedule. Great job in customer support!!!” 

Watch the video above where customer Brieann Case shares her story about how 1st Franklin took a chance on her.

If you need help with bad credit and are curious about how 1st Franklin Financial might assist you, give us a call. The Friendly Franklin Folks at our neighborhood branches are here to sit down and talk through what’s best for you. 

The answer might be a personal loan with a fixed monthly payment that fits your budget. 

You can begin your application online or just drop in to ask questions. Like Heather said, we’re here to walk you through the process and explain all the details. 

Life gets complicated sometimes and bad credit situations can happen. At 1st Franklin, we’re glad to figure out how we might help with bad credit – with respect and a smile! Click here to find a branch location near you.