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How Exceptional Customer Service Can Transform Your Loan Experience

How Exceptional Customer Service Can Transform Your Loan Experience

When Ann’s car started giving her trouble, she got the news nobody likes to hear: The car needed expensive repairs and she didn’t have enough money on hand to pay the bills. The repairs had to be done, so it was clear: she needed a loan to cover the cost.  

Ann’s story has a happy ending because her loan experience was an especially good one. But that’s not always the case for everyone. Sometimes companies forget just how important exceptional customer service really is to a good loan experience. 

It made our day when Ann wrote to us on our Trustpilot page of reviews. 

“I had a great experience with 1st  Franklin Financial when needing extra cash for unexpected car issues,” she wrote. “Their employees were polite and seemed ready to help me right away. I highly recommend them to anyone.”  

That’s what every loan experience should be like, and it’s something we talk about often at 1st Franklin Financial. We have these conversations at the office and even around the dinner table because we’re a family-owned company. Ever since Ben Cheek, Jr. made his first loan back in 1941, we’ve cared about how we can best help our neighbors achieve their dreams. 

Whether you’re borrowing money to renovate your home or to cover expenses for a new baby, or you’re paying off high-interest credit card debt, or anything else in between, exceptional customer service can transform your loan experience into something easy and positive. 

Ever wonder if you are getting the exceptional customer service you deserve? Here is your checklist to find out how we can transform your loan experience: 

You should feel like a person, not a number. This is something our customers tell us really matters to them. So we make it a priority and we’re always glad to hear it’s making a difference for people. A customer named Anthony recently wrote this to us: “The staff was nice and knowledgeable. They treated me very respectfully. I would definitely refer friends or family.” 

You should be able to get your money quickly. Whether you need funds urgently or not, your time is valuable. So you shouldn’t be kept waiting. When a company has a clear, simple process for approval, there’s no need to wait. Our customers often thank us for that. “The loan was easy to fill out and got a positive response in a matter of minutes,” a customer named Richard wrote recently. “Very quick approval.” 

The loan application process should be smooth and easy. Whether you want to start the process by phone, online, or in person, it shouldn’t be complicated. We strive to make the loan experience easy for everyone, including customers like Jennifer, who wrote this review: “It was the simplest experience I’ve ever had with the application and receiving the funds – just deposit and confirm!!!”

The folks you’re dealing with should be easily reachable and should explain every detail about your loan. No one wants to call a customer service number and talk to a machine. You should be able to call a branch or drop in and be greeted by someone glad to help. And every question you have should be answered, even if that takes a bit of time. 

That’s really important, so it made our day when a customer named Gregory wrote this about us: “They treat me as a good friend. They are always helpful and they work with me. They are the best.” 

You should get support when you’re looking to improve bad credit. Ben Cheek, Jr. taught us that if a person has struggled with credit in the past, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to borrow money in the future. So when folks like Carmen come to 1st Franklin Financial, we welcome them. 

“When they checked my credit score, I barely had credit,” Carmen wrote on Trustpilot. “They approved me for a loan to help build my credit score. Don’t get discouraged!” 

Exceptional Customer Service for a Stress-Free Loan Experience

We understand that needing a loan can be stressful, but finding a lender that ensures a great experience is possible. At 1st Franklin Financial, we provide exceptional customer service to make the process smooth and worry-free. Let us help you find a loan that meets your needs while keeping your peace of mind our top priority. 

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