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Caring Matters, and It Drives Us at 1st Franklin Financial.

Caring Matters, and It Drives Us at 1st Franklin Financial.

When people go the extra mile, they deserve to be celebrated. So with the holiday season upon us and 2023 drawing to a close, we wanted to take a moment to share a big message of thanks with our remarkable team and our incredible customers.

Caring Matters

Caring matters in every part of life. Way back in 1941, when our founder Ben F. Cheek Jr. started this family business, he realized that if you’re helping people reach their financial goals and weather the economic storms that can sometimes happen, it’s important to do this work with your heart as well as your head. 

Our family has always run this business with the idea that “caring matters.” And along the way, we’ve chosen to work with folks who feel the same way we do. It’s a gift to work with such a great team and it doesn’t surprise us each time one of our employees gets thanked by name in a Trustpilot review. These comments describe how our “Friendly Franklin Folks” go out of their way to help get a loan approved or make funds available quickly when that’s what one of our customers needs. 

Customers like Tina Paradise make our day when they share comments like this one: “Lacy and her staff at the Cleveland office went above and beyond to help me with a loan, so I could continue my medical treatments. They showed phenomenal customer service and my loan was approved quickly. Awesome group to use for all your financial needs.” 

Caring Drives Us

We’re also grateful and proud when our folks at branches all over the southern U.S. take the time to give back in their communities. Sometimes, they spend the day at a big, community-wide event like Fiesta Especial in San Antonio, where our employees got the chance to participate in this celebration for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental differences and their families and friends. 

On other days, it’s smaller but equally meaningful efforts that our employees make time for – and in the process, they make their local community a better place. Last spring, employees in our offices throughout Georgia took time to celebrate National Police Week in the sweetest of ways. We mean that literally: They brought sweet treats and gift cards for all kinds of delicious goodies to their local police stations and county sheriff’s offices to say heartfelt thanks for keeping their communities safe.  

Whether you’re a customer or an employee or a friend we haven’t met yet, we wish you the happiest of holidays and we hope 2024 is full of joyful moments for you and all your loved ones!