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6 Steps Toward Achieving Your Financial Planning Goals in 2022

6 Steps Toward Achieving Your Financial Planning Goals in 2022

As another year ends, we each get the chance to look back with gratitude and look ahead to the good things that may be on the horizon. 

Maybe there’s a wedding on the calendar or a new baby will be joining the family. Perhaps someone will be taking the next step in their career or you’re ready to do some traveling that you’ve been dreaming about. 

Whatever milestones may be ahead for you this year, there are steps you can take today toward achieving your financial planning goals in 2022. Planning ahead for key moments can help you feel more confident about your financial health and ready for whatever the year ahead might bring. 

Here are six great places to start your financial planning goals in 2022:

  1. Track your spending – all of it – to get a clear picture of where your money is going each month. Write everything down, including the small things you pay cash for. Once you have all this information, you can look for places to eliminate spending and plan a monthly budget that you’ll stay within.  
  2. Begin some automatic savings. Even if it’s just $25 a month, it’s incredibly useful to start putting a specific amount of money into a savings or investment account as soon as you receive it each month. You can soon create a healthy emergency fund or get prepared for an upcoming expense. The folks at our 1st Franklin Financial Investment Center can share information and help you choose the best way to do this. 
  3. Organize all your financial paperwork. Especially in our digital world, it’s easy to feel uncertain about where all your account information is and how to access it. So start 2022 by gathering all the information you have (and tracking down what you aren’t sure about) and then keeping it all in one organized place. 
  4. Consider adding a creative “side hustle” or selling unwanted items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to earn some additional income. Is there a hobby you have, like crafting or woodworking, that could earn you some extra money each year? Maybe 2022 is the year that you explore turning that hobby (or those unneeded items in your attic or basement) into a source of income. 
  5. Tackle debt. Even if you can’t eliminate your debt this year, you can shrink multiple bills and snowballing credit card interest into one monthly payment. A debt consolidation loan with a fixed interest rate can help with that. Our “Friendly Franklin Folks” can talk you through how this works and you can begin the application process online. 
  6. Increase financial literacy. Make 2022 the year that you ask all your financial questions and get answers you can use. At 1st Franklin Financial, we’re always here to talk with you about your financial planning goals in 2022 and answer questions, so you can enjoy the year ahead and all the adventures on your horizon!

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