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You Received a
Check from the
Friendly Franklin Folks

Yes, it's a real check you may deposit.

You were selected for this limited-time offer based on your outstanding credit history. To cash the check, simply follow the written instructions with the check.

Looking for More Money?

Call your local 1st Franklin Financial Branch to see how much more you may qualify for.*

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Before cashing the check you received, please read the enclosed Loan Note and Disclosures, Privacy Statement and Arbitration Agreement. Cashing the check constitutes your agreement to the loan terms and repayment. Also, if you don’t take advantage of this offer, please destroy the check.

  1. Sign the Check
  2. Provide Your Phone Number
  3. Provide First 3 Digits of Your Social Security Number
  4. Redeem Your Funds!
We’re Here to Help

1st Franklin Financial has been serving neighbors since 1941. Our friendly and supportive staff delivers a level of service that has made us known as the Friendly Franklin Folks. We look forward to serving you too.