Donation Made to Tullahoma Downtown Lions Club

13 Jul. 2016

tullahoma-downtown-lions-club1st Franklin Financial Corporation recently made a donation of $13,000 to Tullahoma Downtown Lions Club in Tullahoma, TN. Each year, the company donates to deserving local charities in their branch office communities.

How This Donation Helps

Tullahoma Downtown Lions Club is best known for fighting blindness and will purchase machines that test school children’s eyes for the early detection of amblyopia (lazy eye), the leading cause of childhood blindness in that area. These machines provide instant results in regards to a child’s need for glasses and then can be paired with a local optometrist for discounted exams and fitted with glasses. The donation from 1st Franklin Financial will allow the Lions Club to extend into other surrounding counties.

Learn More About This Group

Tullahoma Downtown Lions Club
Tullahoma, TN 37388

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