Small Personal Loans for Unexpected Expenses

Sometimes you just need a little help to get by

Unexpected expenses always arise when you can least afford it. A trip to the emergency room, dental work or auto repairs can come from nowhere and leave you struggling to meet day to day expenses. 1st Franklin Financial provides small personal loans to keep these situations from overwhelming you.

Our small personal loans are available in amounts as low as $300 with terms to fit any budget. Unlike credit cards, you can rest easy knowing the exact date and amount of your next payment. No surprises! Plus, we can help even if you have less than perfect credit.

Medical and Dental Expenses

Even with health and dental insurance, medical costs can quickly add up. Co-pays, deductibles and other out of pocket expenses from tests, medication, and other items can be overwhelming—not to mention essentials like groceries, utilities, and even childcare while you recover.

Don’t sacrifice your health or your smile. Get the care you require and the financial help you need with a small personal loan from 1st Franklin Financial.

Auto Repairs

You rely on your vehicle every day. So when unexpected auto repairs pop up, get the cash you need to get back on the road quickly. An auto repair loan from 1st Franklin Financial delivers the money you need fast and with up-front terms that fit your budget.

Job Related Expenses

If you’re suddenly without your tools of the trade due to damage or loss, your livelihood depends on finding a replacement fast. From construction equipment to computers, our small personal loans can get you the tools you need to get back to work quickly—plus a customized payment schedule that fits your budget.

A small personal loan can help you with:

  • Auto repairs
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental work
  • Glasses, contacts, hearing aids or vision correction surgery
  • Job-related equipment
  • Legal services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Travel due to family illness or crisis
  • Veterinary expenses
  • Wheelchair, hospital bed and other medical equipment