Loans for Life Events

Because life’s ups and downs can be expensive

Life is full of twists and turns that can easily leave you strapped for cash. 1st Franklin Financial has been providing loans for major life events for decades. Our wedding loans will help you create a magical, memorable day, while our funeral loans will make the financial side of this difficult time a little easier to bear. Whatever you’re facing, we can help.

At 1st Franklin Financial, it’s our caring staff that sets us apart from other lenders. We sit down with you, listen to your story and help find a solution you can afford. Our loans are available with terms as short as six months.

What’s changing in your life?

Change is the one constant in life. Whatever change you’re facing, we can help make the financial side of it a little easier.

  • Just starting out. Becoming independent is a big financial leap. Landlords, utility companies, and retailers often require hefty advanced payments. With our Personal Starter Loan, you’ll get the cash you need to get started while establishing credit in the process.
  • New baby. Hospital bills, nursery items, diapers and much more make your bundle of joy a bundle of expense. Meet the growing needs of your family with the help of a Life Event Loan.
  • Divorce or separation. The end of a relationship brings a lot of strife and a lot of expense. Our caring staff is here to help. Whether you need just enough cash to get by or enough to start over, we will listen to your needs and find a loan option that best suits your situation.
  • Funeral. Losing a loved one is hard enough without worrying about the cost of cremation or burial, outstanding medical bills or other items. Our funeral loans help relieve your financial stress so you can focus on what really matters.

A life event loan can help you with:

  • Down payment on apartment and utilities
  • Furniture for a new place
  • College tuition and supplies
  • Engagement ring
  • Wedding and honeymoon expenses
  • Hospital and doctor bills
  • Baby furniture, car seat, clothing, formula, etc.
  • Legal expenses due to divorce or death
  • Funeral, burial or cremation expenses
  • Starting over expenses