Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures

Investments that earn a specific rate of interest over time

Our Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures pay a specified rate of interest over a specific time period and repay the principal investment upon maturity. Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures mature four (4) years from the date of issue, and the interest rate adjusts periodically.  The interest rate offered on subordinated debentures depends on the interest adjustment period you select from our range of offered periods.  Interest rates adjust at each interest adjustment period.  You can redeem a Variable Rate Subordinated Debenture at any interest adjustment period without penalty.

Subordinated Debentures are popular with individuals seeking investments with competitive interest rates over a set period of time. Key features include:

  • $500 minimum investment
  • Mature four (4) years from date of issue
  • Automatically renew upon original maturity
  • Interest adjustment periods from 1 month to 4 years
  • Redemption right in connection with interest adjustment dates (redemption with penalty at other times)
  • Interest compounded daily

Our Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures are unsecured subordinated obligations and offers are made only by prospectus. Read the complete Variable Rate Subordinated Debenture Prospectus details below (GA & SC Residents Only) now or contact us with any questions.

Variable Rate Subordinated Debenture Prospectus

VRSD Supplement (Updated Weekly)

VRSD Prospectus Supplement (Dated May 15,2017)

VRSD Prospectus Supplement (Dated July 1, 2017)

VRSD Prospectus Supplement (Dated August 15, 2017)

VRSD Prospectus Supplement (Dated November 14, 2017)

Variable Rate Subordinated Debenture*Variable Rate Subordinated Debenture*

Our Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures offerings are available at a minimum investment of $500.
Current rates for the week of February 15, 2018 through February 21, 2018

Interest Adjustment Period (a) Effective Yield (b) Interest Rate (c) Minimum Investment Amount
1 Month 1.51 1.50 $500
3 Months 1.51 1.50 $500
6 Months 2.02 2.00 $500
1 Year 2.28 2.25 $500
2 Years 2.79 2.75 $500
4 Years 3.05 3.00 $500

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