Donation Made To United Methodist Home for Children

05 Jun. 2015

1st Franklin Financial makes a donation to Holston Home for Children1st Franklin Financial Corporation recently made a donation of $35,000 to the Holston United Methodist Home for Children. Each year, 1st Franklin Financial seeks ways to support the communities around their branch locations. .

How This Donation Helps

The Holston United Methodist Home for Children is a children’s home that takes in orphans and children whose parents or guardians are not able to care for them properly due to behavioral issues. The ministry of Holston Home was started in 1895 when a single woman took a step of faith and founded an orphanage in Northeast Tennessee. The home has grown to serve as many as 325 children simultaneously while being raised and educated in a Christian environment.

While Holston does receive state funding, the organization relies heavily on contributions and local churches to continue their mission.

Learn More About This Group

Holston United Methodist Home for Children
404 Holston Dr
Greeneville, TN 37743

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