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Warm Weather To-dos

Warm Weather To-dos

Spring’s a great time to fix up anything, but you need cash for everything! No problem. We have personal cash loans to help you get your lawn ready, put fresh paint on the house, new tires on the car, or plan a Spring Break. A small personal loan will give you the cash you need for any reason. Plus, we’ll make sure the payment fits your budget! So swing on in today!

Competitive opportunities for investors seeking higher yield investment options.

If you’re searching for a competitive investment opportunity, 1stFranklin Financial Corporation has a variety of options for you to consider. Our Investment Center offers a number of investment securities such as Senior Demand Notes, Variable Rate Subordinated Debentures and Commercial Paper.

Our retail financing options create the perfect partnership for growth.

When it’s easy for your customers to afford what they want, you’ll see your sales soar. 1stFranklin Financial offers retail financing to businesses looking to boost revenue and simplify their bookkeeping by making financing easy—a win for you and your customers.